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Sioux Falls Game Show Events

Fastest Growing Entertainment Experience in Sioux Falls!

Live Game Show

This interactive experience will engage guests and create the excitement just like they are in the live studio audience!

Game Show Events

Game Show events have quickly become one of the fastest growing means of entertainment for so many parties. Why? Because it if different from everything else your team has seen. Our interactive game show events work great for small groups to large parties. We promise your guests will have a blast with our 12 different interactive games all night long.

Virutal Game Show

Our green screen virtual experience is just as interactive as our in person with even more games! Our virtual component works anywhere in the world!

Meet Our Hosts


DJ Jer

Tony Nelson

Drew Veurink

Matt Attig

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2101 Industrial St. Tea, SD 57064(next to Sherwin Williams off the Tea exit)




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