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Sioux Falls Casino Parties

Casino parties for 10 people and up to 850 guests!

It's the interactive experience your guests deserve.

Classic Casino

We provide a professional experience for large and small groups. By far the best casino tables in the area.

Cosmic Casino

Cosmic Casino takes your experience to the next level with black light! This trending casino creates a vibrant and fun atmosphere!

Themed Casino

This is our specialty! A casino with an amazing theme and all the style and design to make your guests really enjoy an experience! Scroll down for some top themes.

Top Casino Themes

Casino parties for 10 people and up to 850 guests!

It's the interactive experience your guests deserve.

1920's Speak Easy

Being the 2020's, the Speak easy has been by far our biggest requested theme. Flappers and pin stripes set the tone and of course our beautiful 1929 Mercedes!

Casino Royal

Casino Royal is always a hit with guests. Very elegant and upscale feel allows the ball gown and tux attire to break free from the closet.

Western Casino

Cowboy up for a great time. The nice thing about western in South Dakota is everyone probably already has the attire!

Las Vegas Casino

Viva Las Vegas! We have some very fun Vegas style parties right here in your backyard. Great lighting and a fun atmosphere.

The most important element in making a different casino experience is making it DIFFERENT than everyone else’s. We didn’t try to make shift our casino tables. We provide full size tables such as our 12ft craps table, genuine roulette wheel and full size table, and clean professional.

Most importantly our team of dealers creates fun and engaging experiences. Wanna hear more about those fun ideas?

Call us today to setup a consultation!

We have provided casino events for all types of events and organizations. From large groups to private events, we love helping create a fun atmosphere for everyone.


The main goal for a theme event is to encourage your guests to “play along.” If you are creating a 1920’s Speak Easy event than encourage your guests to dress the part and to interact with our actors. If you think your guests would enjoy the theme than we can build the entertainment around that creating an amazing experience that they were a cast member in.

– 1920’S Speak Easy
– Western Casino
– Casino Royal
– Viva Las Vegas
– 1980s Flashback(Cosmic)

There are many legal processes we have to follow with state laws. Casino events can’t be treated as cash or monetary winnings. We have the perfect solution for you and your event. Here are the steps to take to ensure you are making the right decisions for your events success. 

  1. Allow us to meet with you and your planning committee to discuss your event… That’s it.

For us it is important that your guests enjoy their experience. So we have designed a couple fun strategies to make sure your guests enjoy gaming with us.

– We will coach your guests on how to play the games while game play is happening.
– We will give hints to guests on what they should do with their turn.
– Our dealers are very friendly and interactive with guests.
– We may “bust” if the situations calls for it.
– We are there to have just as much fun as the guests.

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked to answer this question. Allow us to sit down with your planning team to figure out which option would best fit your teams party! We can accommodate parties up to 850 guests! You tell us the size and experience and we can provide best recommendations.


– Event size
– Event Venue
– Interactive or not
– Budget for Event
– How big of an experience do you want for your guests
– Will they play the part?

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