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Sioux Falls Virtual Events

We have been performing virtual events for over 8 years. That is true preparation for life changing events.

A virtual event is an online component only allowing your guests to be present anywhere in the world.

A hybrid event is the same as a virtual event, but allows in person attendees to be present onsite.

There really isn’t a limitation on the amount of online guests for your event. You can reach ten of thousands of guests from anywhere in the world.

Don’t stress! That is whey we are hear. Our team will sit down with your team to discuss the capabilities and the best methods to reach your online attendees. We will setup everything based on your needs to guarantee success in person and online.

This happens all the time. We will setup a stream for your presenter, run tests with their network and equipment to ensure a great experience. If your presenter doesn’t have the needed equipment we can ship a stream kit with instructions to provide a quality production.

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