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Sioux Falls Event Entertainment


Golf Sims

Our four Mobile Golf Simulators are a great way to have a friendly competition with friends. 


Your mind is being read right now... Enter the world of a mind -bending mentalist. You won't believe it!

Virtual Reality

Be ready to experience a world like none other. Box in the ring, Fly in outer-space, become a superhero, and so much more... 


We have some of the top DJ entertainers in the Sioux Falls area. We also have great musical performers to offer you.


Imagine being able to play some of your favorite throwback arcade games. Over 17,000 games from old to current.

Laser Tag

The fast pace of a great laser tag event is always a blast! It is great for all ages as well. 

There are a lot of questions that need to be asked to answer this question. Allow us to sit down with your planning team to figure out which option would best fit your teams party!


– Event size
– Event Venue
– Interactive or not
– Budget for Event
– How big of an experience do you want for your guests
– Will they play the part?

The main goal for a theme event is to encourage your guests to “play along.” If you are creating a 1920’s Speak Easy event than encourage your guests to dress the part and to interact with our actors. If you think your guests would enjoy the theme than we can build the entertainment around that creating an amazing experience that they were a cast member in.

– 1920’S Speak Easy
– Western Casino- The Game Show Experience
– Casino Royal
– Euro Trip
– 1980s Flashback
– Into the Future
– Awards Ceremony
– Tropical Paradise

I think one of our most unique and fun themes we have created is “European Tour.” We had large 20×60 ft. banners with scenic landscapes of some of the most popular locations in Europe. What was so entertaining about it?

Switzerland included 4 Virtual Reality hang gliding experiences through the Swiss Alps
Ireland laid the landscape for 4 driving range golf simulators and longest putting contests
London provided a live DJ and Beatles Rock Band
Monaco provide an upscale live casino experience
Paris provided 6 different photo booth experiences for guests
– Our airport terminal allowed European Trivia for guests who wanted something a little more laid back.

Check it out!

Jer Events has provided event entertainment in Sioux Falls for over a decade. Entertainment comes in all shapes and sizes. From large groups of 600+ to small intimate settings with 5 people, we can create a fun and engaging experience based on your needs. Setup a consultation with us to start planning your event!

– Casino Nights
– Interactive Live Game Show
– Interactive Lip Sync Battles
– Awards Banquet/Galas
– Themed Parties
– Live DJ and Bands
– Virtual Game Shows
– Hypnotists and Mentalists
– So Much More!

We have provided some amazing holiday parties for groups of 750 people all the way to 5 people. Obviously the size of the event is different, but that doesn’t mean the level of service and experience should feel any different. We understand what it takes to give guests a fun, laid back, or whatever experience it is that you are looking for. Let’s chat and see exactly what makes the most sense for your party.

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